Homemade banana ice cream is referred to as ‘nice cream’ within the plant based food world. Nine times out of ten nice cream is made with frozen bananas.

Frozen bananas, when blended, leave a creamy smooth ice cream consistency. If you want your nice cream sweet, its important to use extremely ripe bananas, perhaps this is the only time when ‘the browner the banana the better’ applies.

I like to add peanut butter for flavour, but also for extra texture. The density of the peanut butter firms the ice cream up a bit more and also makes it more filling.

For me this is just as good as ice cream, especially when you think about all the fat and refined sugar that ice cream usually contains. If you find this nice cream isn’t sweet enough with bananas alone, you can try adding some extra sweetener; a couple of dates, unrefined sugar or some kind of syrup.

This is a great, light breakfast or snack.. perfect for the hotter months! In summer I usually have one of these everyday!

Other flavour ideas

1. Banana + peanut butter + cacao
2. Banana + strawberry + cinnamon
3. Banana + tahini + dates

Here how I made the banana peanut nice cream.


300g frozen ripe bananas (sliced into small wheels – 1/2 inch thickness)
40g peanut butter
2 tbsp oat milk (or any plant milk)

1. Blend all the ingredients in a high speed blender, using the stick for more consistent blending. (10-20 seconds)

2. When you can no longer see any pieces, it is ready (see picture below)

3. I serve my nice cream topped with easy homemade granola, but anything crunchy works well. Sometimes I put fresh fruit on top for some extra fruitiness, this time I didn’t 🙂

*Its important you use a high speed blender for optimal results, however food processors work as well!

banana peanut butter nice cream