Hello guys and welcome to my products recommendations page, here you will find my favourite products, from spices, condiments and oils, to cooking utensils, knives and electronic appliances.

It has happened to me before that I have taken a gamble and spent good money on a new product, only to find that it wasn’t as good as the manufacturer claimed it to be or it broke within a month. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered!

Lastly, I to be clear I am not sponsored by any of these companies and I do not recommend any products that I do not wholeheartedly love and use (or have used myself! I have been cooking for 9 years now, so I have accumulated some expertise in this arena and I want to share my tips with you all.




Kitchen utensils and electronics

The Optimum 9400 – This high speed blender is manufactured by an Australian company called Froothie. Over the years I have used several brands including; Thermomix, Blendtec and Vitamix and I have to say that this blender works just as well and is just as powerful. Perfect for nut butters, cashew cheeses, soups and sauces, and its half the price!

Food Processor – Kitchen Aid is #1 when it comes to food processors. Out of all the kitchens I have worked in it is by far the most popular. This machine is 3 litres and is perfect for a top quality home blender. Magimix is also a good brand for food processors.

Hand blender – This hand-blender by Bosch comes with a food processor and a whisk attachment. It is a reliable hand-blender that is great for more ‘low duty’ tasks (blending soups, making hummus, dressings etc).

Arcos frying pan – This 24 inch Arcos non-stick frying pan is the perfect size, not to big and not too small. Great quality/price ratio makes this frying pan is a good choice and the very same one I use everyday.

Pressure cooker – This pressure cooker has saved me SOOO much time in the kitchen cooking legumes and brown rice. It is pretty big which means it is great for batch cooking. It cooked soaked chickpeas and beans within 4 minutes (boiling time) and brown rice in just 3 minutes, making it a time AND energy saver.

Wooden chopping board – Every kitchen needs a good quality wooden chopping board, glass is a big no no and plastic is just not cool anymore so this organic bamboo chopping board is a winner in my book and very affordable.

Baking loaf tin – This non-stick loaf tin is ideal for banana breads, cakes and for baking. I use these tins to bake my sourdough as they create perfect size slices for toasties and sandwiches.

Victorinox Multipurpose knife – This is my favourite knife of all time and really the only knife you need. Officially its a pastry knife but I use it for EVERYTHING. It also requires no sharpening as its a serrated knife. Good for bread, fruit, vegetables.. everything, really.

Fine grater – Microplane – The brand Microplane is known to be the holy grail of graters and zesters. Their products are of high quality and rather stylish. Great for zesting citrus fruits or grating nuts, garlic, ginger and plant cheeses.

Speed peeler – Every kitchen should have a humble, good old potato peeler, this is a basic one by vogue, in kitchens they are called speed peelers because they are easy and efficient to use.

Tap water filter – The water filter that we have at home, so that for drinking and cooking we have lovely, clean, plastic free water. Easy to instal and good value for money.

Condiments and Oils

Smoked paprika – La Chinata is a very well known producer of paprika, its a brand I have grown to like and trust. They do many different varieties of paprika, including smoked, sweet, smoked and spicy.

Tamari – One of my favourite and most used ingredients. Tamari is like soy sauce except wheat is omitted during the fermentation process, making it gluten free. It is like a strong, slightly sweet soy sauce and in Japan is often used (sometimes with miso) as a salt replacement. This brand (Clearspring) is organic and highly recommended.

Nutritional yeast – is a seasoning increasingly popular amongst vegans for its cheesy smell and taste. I often add it to cashew cheese or sprinkle it on my pasta to give me that savoury, cheesy element. This is the brand I buy when I’m in London.

Miso paste (soy free rice miso) – Miso is another Japanese condiment that I use a lot, its super high in umami and brings a warm savoury taste to soups, noodle dishes or in marinades. Like the tamari this miso is also a Clearspring product.

Balsamic Vinegar – is one of those condiments that everyone has in their pantry.. however there is a world of difference between balsamic you find for €3 an your local supermarket and this high quality product. It isn’t the cheapest balsamic but its not pricy for no reason. Belazu balsamic is rich, thick and slightly acidic, just as it should be. Use it sparingly, and you won’t be disappointed when you do use it!

Truffle oil – is great for finishing pasta dishes or pizzas, or anything Italian really. Its not an essential ingredient by any means, but if you want to buy it then this brand is good quality/price-wise.